Granulation tissue is just a fancy word for scar tissue. You don't want scar tissue because the actual tube that goes into her stomach will not fit correctly and it may become lose which would cause her stomach to possibly leak fluids which would hurt her even more than the Silver nitrate.


Silver Nitrate is supplied in the form of pre-packaged applicator sticks to parents and patients. The concentration is 75% Silver Nitrate and 25% Potassium Nitrate. Application will be done 3 times a week for a period of 3 weeks.

Althoughthe procedure itself is easy and quick to perform, it often needs to be repeated on several occasions, and it is not appropriate for multiple large lesions due to its ability to cause tissue necrosis. It is a chemical cauterizing agent used to remove excess granulation tissue usually found around stomas (usually in cases of gastrotomy and tracheotomy stomas), to remove necrotic tissue from an infected or a nonhealing wound, to remove warts and other blemishes, and to treat oral ulcers and nosebleeds. In the right concentration, silver can control the amounts of yeast, bacteria, and mold, as it kills microbes, and relieves the burden of bacteria on the wounded area. Silver nitrate is a chemical compound used to debride and cauterize the granulation tissue to allow for normal healing, and reduce pain. In very rare cases, surgical removal of the granulation tissue may be required. I’m really upset right now.

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Case Report . A 34-year-old primipara, presented to our clinic complaining of excessive yellowish, non-foul-smelling vaginal discharge with no associated vulvar itching, on and off since her delivery. It 2010-07-08 · He did not mention the silver nitrate treatment, but I read about that online when I was doing research about this at the time. It sounds to me like the silver nitrate doesn't actually work for very many women.

The doc has prescribed silver nitrate so I have a prescription and am waiting to go back for treatment. I am scared it will hurt as I have read some horror stories on the internet. Doctor says it won't as its scar tissue, but I think it will as it hurts when I wee.

Today, went to have my 6 weeks exam. Turns out, I had a piece of granulation tissue Some women report this as a painless intervention, while others found it painful. Overall, it is described as a stinging sensation.

Granulation scar tissue silver nitrate

Granulation Tissue Treatment: Silver Nitrate vs Kenalog vs Washcloth Abrasion The safety and scientific validity of this study is the responsibility of the study sponsor and investigators. Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the U.S. Federal Government.

She used silver nitrate with a local  29 Jan 2019 Vaginal vault granulation is the growth of excessive scar tissue at the is commonly treated postoperatively by cauterization with silver nitrate,  near the vaginal cuff suture site associated with excess healing tissue ( granulation tissue), you doctor may apply a small amount of silver nitrate to address this  Granulation tissue is new connective tissue and microscopic blood vessels that form on the surfaces of a wound during the healing process. Granulation tissue  22 Aug 2007 Granulation tissue is a transitional replacement a scar during the remodelling phase a greater degree of granulation tissue to curettage, silver nitrate, steroid preparations or application of pressure (Semchys Granulomas may be treated with silver nitrate. This chemical dries the For instance, liquid nitrogen may be applied to the granuloma to freeze the tissue. Look specifically for scarring, granulation tissue, tenderness. Assess silver nitrate available. 2.

Granulation scar tissue silver nitrate

An application of silver nitrate cauterizes the unwanted tissue. Hey ladies If the title means anything to you please comment.
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Granulation scar tissue silver nitrate

It's at the 6 o'clock position of my vagina. He used silver nitrate to cauterize it and said to come back in a few weeks if it's still bothering me.

Ogawa R . Keloid and Hypertrophic Scars Are the Result of Chronic  18 Feb 2014 It eventually matures into scar tissue during the remodelling phase of wound healing. Healthy Granulation tissue is usually red in colour, moist and shiny.
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2019-01-29 · Results: Six weeks postoperatively, this patient had no granulation tissue, serosanguinous fluid formation, bleeding, odor, or pain. She did not report any other emergent events through 6 months post-op.

granulation/M. grape/ nitrate/GMDS.

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2011-12-06 · Granulation and Silver Nitrate, those are two words that I never want to hear again…At my 6 weeks post OB check up, the nurse practitioner noticed that I had some granulation tissue built up…that made sense for how much I was still really really sore.

Just got through it, and muscled on for the past month.

I had a lot of granulation tissue all along my scar. It was really red, sore and would occasionally bleed a tiny bit. I had it treated with silver nitrate 

Silver nitrate sticks (also called silver nitrate applicators) have rounded tips covered in silver and are used to remove granulation tissue. Once activated by water, the silver burns the tissue, causing the granulation tissue to die and fall off. This will help heal your child's skin. Hypergranulation tissue may be treatable through a number of methods, including silver nitrate, vapor-permeable dressings and surgical lasers, as detailed on Podiatry Today. Hypergranulation tissue sometimes occurs on healing wounds and requires medical treatment to allow the wound to heal properly. 17250=The physician uses chemical cauterization to destroy granulation tissue such as excess scar tissue, also referred to as proud flesh, or a sinus or fistula. Liquid silver nitrate applied with a Q-tip or a silver nitrate stick is dabbed onto the granulation tissue.

He used silver nitrate to chemically burn it off. Warning, you can leak black and gray  The body's natural response is to form a scar where the tissues have torn.